Super Cut Keto And in the pursuit of the "ideal" is not so easy to stop. In this case, the process of losing weight helps not to improve health, but rather to destroy it.

Super Cut Keto This happens because the body, to compensate for the deficiency, figuratively speaking, "eats itself." Lack of protein reduces immunity. Why? Yes, because the production of all components of the immune system (leukocytes, antibodies, immunoglobulins, etc.) requires proteins. Protein is found in many foods of plant and animal origin (You can read more about the differences between vegetable and animal proteins here). Daily intake of protein for all its own. Calculate the approximate rate of protein can be the formula 1 g of protein per 1 kg of weight. It is not recommended to reduce the amount of protein in the daily diet of less than 60 g. Nutrition Tips As a source of protein, you should choose low-fat products, such as kefir and low-fat cottage cheese, chicken and turkey meat. Easily digestible lean protein foods can and should be eaten in the evening - the body will use protein to recover during sleep. To get the daily standard of protein, you should not get involved in eating sausages and sausages - there is little protein (in sausages - only 9-13 g per 100g), but salt and fat are plenty. And finally As it may seem at first glance, protein food is the way out for losing weight. After all, you can lose weight nourishing, not experiencing hunger and not limiting yourself to eating meat and "milk". However, excess protein in the diet can also adversely affect health, as well as its lack. The fact is that in the absence of carbohydrates and increased protein intake, problems may arise with the gastrointestinal tract (constipation), kidneys, and vessels as a result of increased cholesterol in the blood. Remember: in all you need to know the measure. The benefits of physical exercise while losing weight are obvious: additional energy expenditure, a fit, trained body, and well-being. However, it also happens that while playing sports for weight loss, girls and women are still unhappy with their volume or pace of weight loss. It's all about the stereotypes that appeared as a result of a misconception about the process of losing weight. Myth number 1. If you are actively involved in sports, you can eat a lot and more high-calorie food. Of course, sports help burn more calories. However, do not abuse the food. So, to burn 300 calories, you need to do aerobics for an hour. The same amount of calories is contained in 2.5 cups of milk with a fat content of 2.5%.