DOGEBANK IO is a source for Dogecoin Cloud Mining Investment , game and deposit program .

It's simple to increase your Dogecoin by cloud mining . DOGEBANK IO will serve for you.

Start from 500 up to 1.000.000 Doge Invest in cloud mining ( now you get discount 7%  on every deposit ) , and then you can get 120% up to 170% return for every 40 days cycle .

Payment cycle paid in second circulation , so you can see every second your balance increase and witdrawable every minute while reach withdrawal requirement . 

You also can play game , while you in a waiting and free time to get your income goal . It's also have safety place to keep your Doge income , and will returned back to you with additional 10% profit .    

So , join today and get your income in the next running and counting ! 

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