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❗️Weenzee recommends❗️ LEGIT 99,99%

While opening portfolio you have many options:

💡According to the statistics most common portfolio is 1000 WNZ 90 days

💵WNZ - you get extra +15% per day of accruals
⚡️90 days - you get +10% per day
💵1000 - you can easily calculate that daily you get approximately 10 WNZ

🔥Note that you recieve the whole deposit amount at the end of the portfolio term!

🔥🔥So total income in 90 days will be about 2000$

🔥🔥🔥Extra profit from referral comission

🔔Join here --> https://weenzee.com/WR154A28335 now!


Follow these 5 Simple Steps

🏅1. Visit our web and register here: https://weenzee.com/WR154A28335

🥇2. When registration is done, on the vertical tab on your right, click the type of money/coin you want to make payment from. A payment form should appear on the screen.

🥈3. When the deposited amount has appeared on your dashboard, proceed on creating your portfolio ( opening a plan). On the left vertical tabs, click "Weenzee" button, main dashboard of your account will show including creating portfolio. Follow the steps from 1 to 4 written on there.

🥉4. Last one, click "Create Portfolio" to start you plan.

Accruals starts counting at 000 GMT+0, so profits might delay to show on your dashboard on the first day. It depends on your location.
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  • Legit 99,99%
    Min $30
    Up to 20%/Month
    Up to 392.40%/year
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